Leeds City Station to Neville Street Bridge via Granary Wharf river side walk
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Station to Victoria Bridge
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River Aire Walk. Section 1.
Leeds City Station to Victoria Bridge via Dark Arches and Granary Wharf

Aerial photograph Leeds City station courtesy of  webbaviation.co.uk

Please Note that most of this area in front of the arches at Canary Wharfe are now a building site and access may be prohibited

Leave the railway station via the main exit (straight forward from the ticket barrier). Cross the road and descend the staircase inside the round tower. See photo.

Turn right at the foot of the stairs. Photograph shows the exit you will come out of. Walk along Neville street, under the railway bridge. While still under the bridge turn right into the arch that runs under the station.

Granary Wharf & Dark Arches

After passing a couple of car parks in side arches you pass over a bridge, see photo, over the river Aire that flows through a few side arches.

The flow of water can be fast and is quite a sight as it rushes through these tunnels after a heavy rainfall.
This view is taken from the bridge that can be seen in the above photograph. The river Aire is running toward you and under the bridge.

Granary Wharf is well worth a visit. A collection of shops, many selling items that are a bit different and unusual.
Granary wharf also has cafes and restaurants. All these places are situated in the railway arches that are under the railway station. This photo is taken from the shop and stall area, with the river running from left to right. Note how the flow is split and sent through several tunnels.
There are a few exits from the arches to the open area of Granary Wharf sunshine. The towpath to the right takes you toward Kirkstall. another nice walk in summer. Head towards the canal. This is the start of the Leeds and Liverpool canal. In summer barge trips are run between Granary Wharf and The Armouries Museum.


In summer there are suitable spots for a picnic, or a lay out in the sun. To continue the river walk carry on through the car park, the river Aire on your right and the canal in front of you.
Looking back you can see how how the railway station lies above the arches of Granary Wharf, and the bridge you crossed the river by
See the operation of the locks as a barges or pleasure boats pass through. This is a good area to watch the barges and pleasure boats navigate this the first lock in the Leeds Liverpool canal.
Cross the Leeds Liverpool canal by the wooden footbridge by the first lock of the canal shown in the photograph. Turn left and walk around the building.

The barge "Sulaskar" leaving the Leeds Liverpool canal and entering the river Aire.
The same barge has just picked up the lady who operated the locks the barge has just come through. The walk continues on the road where the white van is.

A view looking over the river Aire from the footbridge area in the previous photograph.

Office workers enjoying the sunshine.

Looking back toward the station, the river Aire exiting from the dark arches. The entrance to the Leeds and Liverpool canal is on the right.
This is the far side of the building you have walked around. Head up the rise on the pavement along side the road.
With your back to this building walk up the slight rise to the main road at the top. You are now at Victoria Bridge.

Turn Left to cross the bridge and return to the Railway station, City Square and the start of Boar Lane.

Or stay on the South side of the river and continue the walk. Cross the main road and go down the slopping down footpath on the far side and the start of Section 2
Current section 1
Station to Victoria Bridge
Next section 2
Victoria Bridge to Leeds Bridge


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