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1952 TV licences triple in Leeds for the Coronation.
1953 The first BBC "The Good Old Days" started at the City Varieties Theatre, Britains oldest theatre.
1958 Queen Elizabeth visits Montague Burton's factory, who at that time employed 7000 workers and Leeds
1959 Last tram in Leeds
1955 Final concert of the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
1956 Granada ITV services starts in Leeds.
1957 The Leeds Theatre Royal in Lands Lane is demolished
1960 Tetley's and Melbourne breweries merge
1960 1 Red Hall demolished to build Schofields store now the Headrow Centre
1963 The first of the now famous Leeds International Pianoforte Competition
1964 The Merrion Shopping Centre opens

Benjamin Gott's, Bean Ing Mills  demolished. (site of Yorkshire Post).

Parking Meters introduced.

1968 Radio Leeds goes on Air.
1970 Yorkshire Post building with it's prominent tower opened.

Leeds Polytechnic opens

The International Pool is being built.

The start of converting many historic shopping streets to traffic free shopping The Pedestrian Precinct. This was one of the very first schemes of its kind in the UK. It is one of the linchpins of Leeds’ success as a major shopping attraction.

The Bond Centre opens later after enlargement becomes Leeds Shopping Plaza

1974 Local Government reorganisation Leeds becomes a Metropolitan District and it is now the second largest provincial city in the UK, with a population: 717,000.
1976 1978 The demolition of Quarry Hill Flats
1978 The Grand Theatre becomes the home for English National Opera North (later to become Opera North)
1981 Chapletown Riots
1983 The St Johns Centre opens
1985 For many years the clothing and woolen industry had declined being replaced by financial and law sectors. The start of the regeneration of Leeds Waterfront as a Centre for business, housing and leisure. This regeneration can be seen on the river side walk




1995 Riverside regeneration ached national recognition
1990 The West Yorkshire Playhouse Theatre opened.
1991 Leeds became the prime financial and law centre outside London and is now fast becoming a tourist destination.
1992 Leeds Polytechnic becomes Leeds Metropolitan University

Town Hall
cleaned and covered in netting to prevent the starlings roosting on the building

The 24 Hour City Initiative seeks to ‘stretch’ the City Centre’s working life by encouraging greater numbers of people to recognise the potential and make greater use of the centre, particularly in the evenings, Sundays and other times when activity there has traditionally tended to be low.

Leeds Magistrates Court Building built.

1996 The Royal Armouries Museum opens to the public

New Central bus station and new coach station – National Express built.
1997 The Thackrey Medical Museum opens

The White Rose Centre opens

The completion of The City Centre Loop and Public Transport Box, providing alternative routes for traffic, around the pedestianised shopping area of the city, and completed in 1997.
1998 Introduction of Super bus lanes
2000 Millennium Square opens
2001 Nelson Mandela is made Honorary Freeman of Leeds
2002 Some of the victorian look of City Square is replaced, these include , statues and balustrades in addition to the modern fountains.

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Visit
2004 The famous name of Tetley, as in beer and brewery is being changed to Carlsberg UK

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