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Sport in the City of Leeds

Canoeing     Football    Golf    Rugby    Scuba diving


White Rose Canoe Club is Yorkshire's largest canoe club has come and try sessions on one of Roundhay park lakes



Leeds United


Paint It White: Following Leeds Everywhere   The Unforgiven: The Story of Don Revie's Leeds United

Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0ES

Tel: 0845 121 1992 for fixtures    Website

Stadium Tours

Tel: (0113) 367 6223

See behind the scenes, changing rooms, dugout etc


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Manchester United Official Annual 2004   David Beckham: My Side - The Autobiography



Golf in Leeds

The Golf Instruction Manual: Take the Fast-track to Better Golf,Whatever the Level of Your Game   Golf Is a Game of Confidence



Leeds Rugby Ltd

Headingley Stadium, St Michael's Lane, Leeds LS6 3BR

Tel: (0113) 278 6181 WebSite


The Iceman: The Story of the Most Successful Rugby League Coach Ever   Rugby League Lions: An Illustrated History of the Great Britain Rugby League Team



Rugby League


Leeds Rugby League Club (Images of England)   Tries the Limit: Gary Schofield - the Ultimate Autobiography (Mainstream Sport)

Leeds Rugby Ltd    

Headingley Stadium, St Michael's Lane, Leeds LS6 3BR

The rugby stadium and Cricket ground go back to the 1889

Tel: (0113) 278 6181 Web Site

Leeds Rhinos

A top name in in world Rugby League and a founder clubs of the game in 1895
Web Site



Leeds Rugby League Club (Images of England) The story of Leeds Rugby League Club, based on the historic venue of Headingley, which through a vivid pictorial account follows the tribulations and successes of the club from Northern Union days, through the golden thirties and up to the present day






Rugby Union


Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson The Perfect 10 / Grand Slam Heroes 

by Jonny Wilkinson

Lions and Falcons: My Diary of a Remarkable Year

by Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson - The Perfect 10 / Grand Slam Heroes
Lions, Tigers and Roses: The Austin Healey Story


Martin Johnson Autobiography

  Leeds Tykes

Leeds Tykes are Leeds Rugby Limited's rugby union side. The Tykes play in the Zurich Premiership are one of the elite 12 clubs in English club rugby union.
The Tykes share the same Web Site as the Rhinos


Scuba diving & Snorkeling in Leeds

The Diving Manual   Dive Scapa Flow



British Sub Aqua Club Leeds (115)


About Leeds BSAC

Meet at the John Charles Centre for Sport, South Leeds for training sessions every Wednesday between 8pm to 9pm. Various pools are used for training that includes both snorkel and scuba diving instruction. Luckily the sports centre has a 5.5metre diving pit ideal for some of the training sessions.

The club also has a very active octopush section. Octopush is a form of underwater hockey played by snorkel divers. They game requires stamina, good tactical techniques and excellent breath holding whilst underwater & quick recover of your breath on the surface.

The Leeds club have been training people to dive for over 40 years. The British Sub Aqua Club is the largest diving club in the world.


Leeds BSAC History

The Leeds branch of the BSAC started out as Leeds Underwater Swimming club and was one of the oldest underwater swimming clubs in the country and using ex war department dry suits and cylinders.

The club trained at Holbeck pool, one of the old fashioned 25 yard long pools, that were common in the City at that time. The clubs compressor was also ex WD that used to be on a Submarine. Later this was replaced with a brand new Williams & James Compressor

It then became the 115th branch of the BSAC and shortley later moved to the new International Pool in Westgate, Leeds. At the demise of the International Pool The Leeds BSAC moved to John Charles Centre for Sport


Leeds BSAC Training Venue

John Charles Centre for Sport, South Leeds


Leeds BSAC after pool session Drink

Victoria Pub, behind Leeds Town Hall, Wednesday from around 9:30pm


For more information visit BSAC website British Sub Aqua Club Leeds


Reunion Leeds BSAC members around 1950 1980

  A reunion of old member of the Leeds BSAC was held on Nov 12
Details / photographs   BSAC Reunion 2005





The Dive club meets on a Monday and Friday night at the Morley swimming baths. this takes place between 8:00 and 10:00 and then the social meeting at a near by pub to sink a few jars.


Leeds University Sub Aqua Club


Leeds University have there own Sub Aqua clubs, a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club.





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